Natural Skincare

Our Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care routines that you adapt specifically to your skin type & condition!

De-stress in a luxurious  bath, fight wrinkles & sun damaged skin, manage skin problems, or enjoy a sensuous or therapeutic massage with our oils. atikkinNaturals uses only the finest natural ingredients in an indulgent range of handmade bath body treatments, body scrubs, bath oils, bath salts & gift packs. Treat yourself and make bath time a spa time in the privacy of your own home.

  • Natural Bath Oils Bath Oil Blends

    Take the phone off the hook, shut the door, light some candles and put your favourite music on. It's Bath Time! Make sure the bathroom is warm & that you have nice fresh towels ready to step out of your tub into.

  • Bath Salts Bath Salts

    Bath salts are a great way to combine the therapeutic benefits of our natural bath salts with the relaxing benefits of essential oils. The essential oils are readily absorbed by the skin to leave it soothed, nourished and rejuvenated.

  • Natural Body Care Body Care

    Our luxurious formulas glide over and into skin for absorption of active ingredients. We provide natural products for the care of your body's skin & well-being.

  • Body Scrub Body Scrubs

    Dry skin is a year-round problem. A body scrub solves this by sloughing off flakes and leaving the skin hydrated. Body scrubs help keep your skin silky smooth.

  • Massage Oil Massage Oils

    Our plant-based essential oils are sensual and stimulating aromatic pick-me ups and calming mood enhancers to reinvigorate mind and body.

  • Natural Skincare Beauty Skincare

    We use botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature to produce natural skincare products to help you to treat normal, dry, sensitive, problem, and ageing skin.

  • Natural Soap Soap & Bubbles

    Home made soap using holistic ingredients, moisturising oils, essential oils, loofahs and botanicals for truly natural handmade soap and bath products.