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We care for your skin by using naturally derived ingredients combined with naturally occurring carrier agents. We use botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature to produce natural skincare products to help you to treat normal, dry, sensitive, problem, and ageing skin. atikkinNaturals provides a botanical skin care range for women, men and babies.

Product List ...

  • Carrot and Frankincense Face Serum Carrot & Frankincense Face Serum

    For mature, dry skin using oils of carrot and frankincense to help delay the effects of ageing. Carrot oil can act as a good antioxidant and moisturiser.

  • Lavender and Jojoba Eye Serum Lavender & Jojoba Eye Serum

    If under your eyes is looking a little dark due to the harmful rays, lack of sleep and not enough hydration, try our specifically formulated eye serum.

  • Hemp and Jojoba Eye Serum Hemp & Jojoba Eye Serum

    This luxurious serum will balance, moisturise, hydrate and protect the cells and skin around your eye area. It can penetrate and regenerate the deeper dermal layers.

  • Lavender and Almond Face Scrub Lavender & Almond Face Scrub

    The lavender releases its sebum balancing oils to prevent blemishes from occurring, and the almond oil reconditions & softens the skins without clogging the pores.

  • Green Tea and Chamomile Face Scrub Green Tea & Chamomile Face Scrub

    A non irritating, mild cleanser that can ease sensitive, inflamed skin. It can help with broken capillaries and redness. Leave your skin smooth and fresh.

  • Green Tea and Sandalwood Green Tea & Sandalwood Scrub

    Promoting a radiant complexion that will boost confidence. Sandalwood gives you a clean, fresh, radiant & healthy skin by removing dead cells.

  • Carrot and Avocado Face Scrub Carrot & Avocado Face Scrub

    Avocados are rich in Vitamin E & carrots are high in beta-carotene and antioxidants, and high in calcium and protein. Rebuild skin collagen, improve tone and texture, and fade age spots.

  • Chrysanthemum and Chamomile Face Scrub Chrysanthemum & Chamomile Scrub

    Soothes and cleanses the skin, heals wounds and contains antibacterial compounds that promote tissue regeneration. It helps soothe irritation and reduce puffiness.



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