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atikkinNatural's soap is home made using holistic ingredients, moisturising oils, essential oils, loofahs and botanicals for truly natural handmade soap and bath products. atikkinNatural's soap is perfect for use as bath soap, hand soap or given as part of a luxurious gift basket or token.

Product List ...

  • Avocado & Black PepperAvocado & Black Pepper

    This avocado soap has a dash of black pepper essential oil, and some ground pepper & chamomile flowers for a touch of spice.

  • Coconut Citrus Sorbet Hand Soap Coconut Citrus Sorbet

    Coconut is a light oil which is easily absorbed, helping to moisturise all skin types & leaves your skin fragranced with a light coconut scent combined with citrus sorbet fragrances.

  • Coconut Hand Soap Coconut

    Coconut is a light oil which is easily absorbed, helping to moisturise all skin types & leaves your skin fragranced with a light coconut scent.

  • Coconut & Orange Hand Soap Coconut & Orange

    Coconut helps to moisturise all skin types & should leave skin fragranced with a light coconut scent, while the orange oil should help boost circulation.

  • Coconut & Peppermint Hand Soap Coconut & Peppermint

    Our Coconut and Peppermint soap should leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. It contains both soothing and energising properties, so your skin should feel like it's been on a holiday.

  • Coconut & Vanilla Soap Coconut & Vanilla

    Revive & delight with these naturally inspired fragrances including vanilla, strawberry and coconut. It has a moisturising protective layer which helps to retain the moisture in your skin.

  • Lavender & Vanilla Hand Soap Lavender & Vanilla

    Perfect for treating your senses after a stressful day! This homemade soap is enhanced by it's natural vanilla aroma and calming lavender scent.

  • Rose, Hemp & Loofah Hand Soap Rose, Hemp & Loofah

    This soap has an elegant and romantic traditional feel while being fantastic for your skin. Hemp is reknown for it's regenerative qualities, making it a great partnership with the Rose & Jojoba.

  • Rum, Cherry, Coconut & Loofah Hand Soap Rum, Cherry Coconut & Loofah

    A pink and white layered soap with a rich creamy lather and loofah on one side, scented with coconut oil, cherry fragrance oil and bay rum fragrance.

  • Olive, Hemp & Chamomile Hand Soap Olive, Hemp & Chamomile

    Organic Hemp and natural chamomile soap is known to provide moisture and calm irritated skin. Hemp seed oil contains many minerals, vitamins and nutrients and chamomile calms the skin.

  • Lavender Rose Lavender Rose

    A heavenly combination of lavender and rose essential oils are blended to create the perfect beauty bar, leaving your skin soft and luminous. This blend of Lavender and Rose will delight the senses.

  • Olive Green Tea & Hemp Green Tea & Hemp

    Spoil your skin with our pure and natural Olive, Green Tea & Hemp soap that cleans gently without damaging the skin's natural pH balance.



  • Naturally Saponified
  • 100% Vegetable Soap
  • 20% Extra Vegetable Glycerine Added during Saponification
  • Hypo-Allergenic (though some essential oils could counteract this).
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of Surfactants and Detergents Except the Extra Clear which has coconut derived Coco betaine for clarity
  • No Sulphates (SLS or SLES)
  • Most have no Artificial Colours (check ingredients)
  • Most are Unfragranced (Contain No Perfumes or Scents) (check ingredients)
  • The soap base is an excellent carrier for the Essential Oils and Fragrances they contain.
  • Alcohol Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Animal Ingredients (Except Goats Milk in the Goatsmilk Soap!)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans (Excluding Goats Milk for Vegans)
  • Long shelf life



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