Gift Baskets

Want something a little different as a gift?  Show how much you care by giving one of our gift ideas of hand made products.  Choose from any of our gift baskets/boxes, let us know what kind of combination you would like.

Gift Baskets for Anything ...

  • Romance Natural Gift Basket romanceNaturals Gift Basket

    Sometimes we just need reminding of the other important people on our lives. The perfect way to do that is by making them feel good and smell good!

  • Young Naturals Gift Basket youngNaturals Gift Basket

    Learn to know the different conditions your skin can be in and how to treat them. Our youngNaturals Gift Baskets are a perfect gift for any teenager!

  • Mens Natural Gift Basket hisNaturals Gift Baskets

    Often Men's skin is neglected because products are usually scented with floral or alcohol scents. Our Men's range uses more earthy & spicy ingredients.

  • Body Naturals Gift Basket bodyNaturals Gift Basket

    This basket has all kinds of things to make you feel fabulous! Want to show your appreciation for someone with something special? This is it.



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