Natural Home & Garden Skincare


We love spending time outdoors, but it can take its toll on the skin. Keeping clean, avoiding sunburn and insect bites is essential if you are to have an enjoyable experience whilst gardening, walking, camping, hiking, trekking or any other outdoor activity. Our homeNaturals range of insect repellents, balms, massage oils and soaps will help you to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Product List ...

  • Coconut and Almond Body Balm Coconut & Almond Body Balm

    Your whole body will enjoy it, but it's especially good on problem spots such as rough shins, knees, hands and feet. Smells slightly tropical.

  • Lavender and Rosemary Hand Oil Lavender & Rosemary Hand Oil

    Hands aching after working hard in the garden all day? Try massaging this aromatic oil into your hands to relieve the symptoms of a hard days work.



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